HT 504.23 RCV, the innovative hood-type dishwasher we presented at Host 2023.

Thanks to the combination of heat recovery and steam extraction systems, this machine brings several novelties and advantages:

–  Steam extraction takes place during the working cycle, result? 0% of saturated steam dispersed in the room at the opening of the hood

–  Steam preheats the water of the heat recovery tank to 42°C, result? Reduce water heating times in the boiler with ENERGY SAVINGS compared to a normal dishwasher by 44%

–  The small size steam extraction block is on the top of the dishwasher, result? Absence of external canopy and height of the machine with open hood unchanged


HT 504.23 RCV, available from JANUARY 2024.

MACH utensil washers change facade.
The new range is equipped with the ELWASH control system.

In line with the company philosophy: quality, sturdiness, reliability and simplicity, the UT series is the right solution for those who are sensitive to cleaning and hygiene problems, wanting the best in washing.

All models are equipped with:
• 5 washing cycles
• Cycle countdown
• Tank thermometer
• Boiler thermometer
• Adjustable Soft-Start
• Possibility to customize washing and rinsing times
• Adjustment of washing and rinsing temperatures directly from the control panel
• PC board, display board and keyboard are the same in all models