The new ELWASH line proposes a range of machines with a TOUCH SCREEN, while preserving unchanged the structural features and the reliability that
have characterised the MACH washing system for over 30 years. The machines are equipped with an user-friendly TOUCH PAD that offers 5 complete
cycles, washing and rinse, which are pre-set to meet any requirement in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Washing and rinsing times can be adjusted
by the installer, to meet the user’s specific requirements. With their INTERIOR made of AISI 304 stainless steel and Scotch-Brite external finish, the
ELWASH machines are available in single-wall and double-wall tank versions, for a better heat performance and better soundproofing. They are all fitted
with round-corner tanks, so that dirt can be washed away more easily; the upper/lower spray arms are split, to ensure effective washing and rinse; AISI
304L stainless-steel insulated boiler.
Glass-washers, dishwashers and warewashers of the ELWASH line for a perfect wash!