MACH utensil washers change facade.
The new range is equipped with the ELWASH control system.

In line with the company philosophy: quality, sturdiness, reliability and simplicity, the UT series is the right solution for those who are sensitive to cleaning and hygiene problems, wanting the best in washing.

All models are equipped with:
• 5 washing cycles
• Cycle countdown
• Tank thermometer
• Boiler thermometer
• Adjustable Soft-Start
• Possibility to customize washing and rinsing times
• Adjustment of washing and rinsing temperatures directly from the control panel
• PC board, display board and keyboard are the same in all models

MACH expands the range of the undercounter dishwashers with 50 basket, ELWASH series, with a “SUPER COMPACT” version.

Five new models with double-walled tank, 50×50 basket and with the main feature of HEIGHT of only 76 cm go into production. The “SUPER COMPACT” has a useful washing height of 28 cm and can wash dishes with a diameter of 30 cm.The five models are:

  • DT 52.23 standard
  • DT 52.23A with atmospheric system
  • DT 52.23P with drain pump
  • DT 52.23T with partial change of washing water
  • DT 52.23AT with atmospheric system and partial change of washing water