MACH is an Italian company founded in 1988 by people with extensive experience in the sector of large-scale facilities and manufacturing of dishwashers; it has steadily evolved over the years into one of the best known and most appreciated companies dealing with the planning, manufacturing and marketing of commercial dishwashers. Currently, it is one of the few companies specialized in washing that does not belong to a group or a multinational yet is owned by the founder’s family, who is also the company’s chairman and boasts a 50 plus year experience in the sector. Today MACH is an important manufacturing company selling its products in all the 5 continents, steadily committed to growing and consolidating its presence on the new markets.






Remaining faithful to its philosophy, MACH has always focused on the following features: quality and simplicity. From the first appliance produced until now, its manufacturing philosophy has remained unchanged: planning and manufacturing user-friendly, reliable and durable appliances by using only top-quality components made from stainless steel. The company has never accepted to replace any components with plastics and that has now become its trademark.


MACH is now able to offer a wide range of professional washers, from the smaller glasswashers to the bigger rack conveyor machines, including a comprehensive range of utensilwashers; the production also includes a range of service tables and sink units for professional washing, a range of stainless steel neutral units for cooking and confectionary and, to round off the picture, a range of full-cube ice makers, hollow- cube ice makers, granular ice makers.


MACH has always been committed to the manufacturing of high-tech machines. We believe that this is the only way to build a professional machine and that has to be shown to those who deal with the sale and service of our machines. That is why we have set up a technical training programme to share such knowledge with them.


Since 1999, we have been committed to manufacturing sustainability, that is the process leading to the production of machines with low consumption of energy, water and chemical detergents: we call it “environmentally friendly manufacturing vision”. Thanks to such approach, our machines are 97% recyclable. Each planning process is aimed at manufacturing increasingly eco-friendly and energy-saving machines. That is our commitment towards the environment.


MACH has always attached great importance to the availability of its machines and spare parts and therefore has invested to create stocks allowing its customers to find the machines in highest demand and most spare parts ready for delivery. That was a further step towards the concept of Customer Satisfaction that we have chosen to pursue.


Machines manufactured according to quality standards, packed with care and, of course, equipped with clear and updated documentation, multi-language instruction and service booklets, installation plans and exploded views. At MACH’s, we attach great importance to technical documentation, which is constantly updated and is also available online on our website.