The Management of Mach S.p.A. believes that long-term success depends on the ability to ensure that customer requirements are met, pursuing customer satisfaction and promoting a culture of Quality in its achievements. Quality can only be achieved through the commitment of all those working in the company to improve their organisation and reduce the costs of non-quality. MACH S.p.A. therefore has, as its primary objective, the pursuit of company growth through eco-sustainable product and process technological innovations, the development of human resources and collaboration with all interested parties to promote customer service that complies with legislation and the best market standards.
The company management considers the promotion of Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) to be an essential part of its tasks; in particular, it considers the results obtained in the field of Occupational Health and Safety to be an integral part of the company’s results and believes that improvement in this field is an essential objective. The responsibility for managing OSH concerns the entire company organisation, from the employer down to each worker, each according to his or her attributions and competences.
In view of the above, MACH S.p.A. is committed as a matter of policy to
– maintain UNI EN ISO 9001 certification by ensuring the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System, through the prevention of process risks, seizing the best opportunities of the same, promoting actions aimed at researching and creating new products and developing sales opportunities
– maintain an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) as an integral part of its work organisation, focusing on risk prevention and continuous improvement
In particular, it undertakes to:

  • Communicate its policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation, raise their awareness, involve them and consult them by promoting its continuous improvement mindset
  • Make available organisational, instrumental and economic resources in order to pursue all the objectives of its policy
  • Ensure the growth, involvement and participation of human resources, promoting cooperation and collaboration between the various company resources and providing for their training
  • Operate in order to implement the policy to pursue customer satisfaction by reducing complaints, respecting delivery times and expanding and improving the products offered
  • Ensure compliance with current legislation on health and safety at work
  • Work for the dissemination of the culture of safety to their collaborators regarding their role and responsibilities and for the dissemination of the objectives and relative implementation programmes
  • Periodically review the policy itself, the objectives and overall both management systems adopted
    The conviction is that the pursuit of these objectives will bring concrete benefits
    – to the company and the members of its organisation in terms of growth, safety and well-being
    – to the company and its customers in terms of satisfaction and consequent sales development