MachS.p.A.’s top management believes that long-term success depends on the ability to comply with customers’ requirements yet pursuing their satisfaction and promoting Quality culture in all the projects undertaken.Quality can only be achieved if all company staff and external collaborators are committed to improve its organization and cut down costs yet maintaining high quality standards.

Top management considers the promotion of Health&Safety at Work a key part of its duties: in particular, it considers the results obtained with regard to Health&Safety at Work as an integral part of the company results and believes that improvement in the area is an crucial objective.The responsibility for the management of H&S at Work concerns the company organization as a whole, from the employer to the single worker/employee, each according to their skills and duties.

Considering the aforesaid premises, MACH S.p.A. undertakes, as a policy, to:
– maintain UNI EN ISO9001 certifications and ensure that the effectiveness of the Quality system is constantly improved by promoting actions aimed at researching and manufacturing new products as well as developing sales opportunities.
– set up a “Health&Safety at Work” Management System that is an integral part of its working organization focussing on risk prevention and ongoing improvement

In particular, it undertakes to:

– Communicate its policy to all those working for the organization or on its behalf, to raise their awareness, to involve them and hear them, promoting a mentality that constantly strives for improvement.
– Make organizational, instrumental and economic resources available to pursue all the objectives of its corporate policy
– Ensure growth, involvement and participation of human resources, promoting cooperation and collaboration among the various company resources and arranging regular training and refresher courses.
– Operate so as to implement the policy to meet client’s needs by reducing complaints, meeting delivery deadlines as well as broadening and improving the products offered.
– Ensure compliance with Health&Safety at Work regulations
– Take actions to disseminate the H&S culture among its collaborators as regards their role and responsibilities but also objectives and related implementation plans.
– Regularly re-examine the policy, the objectives and, overall, both management systems adopted

We believe that the pursuit of those objectives will bring real benefits
– to the company and the members of its organisation in term of growth, safety and wellbeing
– the company and its clients in terms of satisfaction and subsequent sales development